Teuta Nertobacos

Teuta Nertobacos (gaulish for “Tribe of the Mighty Boar”) is a historical reenactment society. Specifically, our aim is to reconstruct the many aspects of the daily life of the celtic community living on Monte Tamburino between 4th and 3rd century B.C.. The Emilia region was in fact populated by 112 Boii tribes that progressively took over the Etruscan civilization. Our intent is to shed light on this part of history that is usually neglected and understimated, by bringing back to life people and objects of the celtic civilization. Since 2008 we take part into the most important historical re-enactment events in Italy. We can entertain the audience with teaching activities, shows and battles together with other re-enactors.

The association is no-profit and has no political involvement.

“Their hair is blond, and not only naturally so, but they also make it their practice by artificial means to increase the distinguishing colour which nature has given it. For they are always washing their hair in lime-water, and they pull it back from the forehead to the top of the head and back to the nape of the neck, with the result that their appearance is like that of Satyrs and Pans, since the treatment of their hair makes it so heavy and coarse that it differs in no respect from the mane of horses. Some of them shave the beard, but others let it grow a little; and the nobles shave their cheeks, but they let the moustache grow until it covers the mouth. Consequently, when they are eating, their moustaches become entangled in the food, and when they are drinking, the beverage passes, as it were, through a kind of a strainer.”

Diodorus Siculus

Bibliotheca historica V, XIII