Teuta Nertobacos is available for interesting and entertaining teaching activities on some aspects of celtic life: who they were, what they looked like, how they used to dress, what they used to eat, and how they took care of themselves.

All the activities are supported by reconstructions of ancient objects and together with other historical reenactment associations we cooperate to provide great teaching excursions on many different topics.

The reason why the Gauls came into Italy was as follows. A certain Lucumo, a par of the Tyrrhenians, being about to die, entrusted his son to a loyal man named Arruns as guardian. Upon the death of the Tyrrhenian, Arruns, taking over the guardianship of the boy, proved diligent and just in carrying out his trust, and when the boy came to manhood, turned over to him the entire estate left by his father. For this service he did not receive similar kindness from the youth. It seems that Arruns had a beautiful young wife, of whose society he was extremely fond and who had always shown herself chaste up to that time; but the young man, becoming enamoured of her, corrupted her mind as well as her body, and sought to hold converse with her not only in secret but openly as well. Arruns, grieving at the seduction of his wife and distressed by the wanton wrong done him by them both, yet unable to take vengeance upon them, prepared for a sojourn abroad, ostensibly for the purpose of trading. When the youth welcomed his departure and provided everything that was necessary for trading, he loaded many skins of wine and olive oil and many baskets of figs on the waggons and set out for Gaul.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus

Roman Antiquities XIII, 10