Teuta Nertobacos is particularly active in any occasions.

Whether it is about large battles or “bloody” duels, dances or religious celebrations, our warriors and our women never back down.

We are versatile and polyhedrics and we can adapt to the most different requests by events managers.

"Gauls rise their swords high and then strongly hit, using all the weight of their bodies, just like lumberjacks or someone who is working with a pickaxe, and then again they hit with random cuts, as if they wanted to tear in pieces the whole body of their enemy, together with their cuirass...”

Dionysius of Halicarnassus

Roman Antiquities

“Their cuirass is proportional to the size of their bodies. They carry a long sword on their right side, an oblong shield, some tall spears and javelins. Some of them use bows and slings too.”

Strabo , Geographica IV, 4, 3