“They eat these things cleanly, but with ravenous appetite, grabbing them with both hands and tearing them with their teeth, but when some piece of food is hard to bite, they cut it with a small knife that is found in a scabbard, inside special boxes.”

Posidonius of Apameia


Living History

The clothing they wear is striking — shirts which have been dyed and embroidered in varied colours, and breeches, which they call in their tongue bracae; and they wear striped coats, fastened by a buckle on the shoulder, heavy for winter wear and light for summer, in which are set checks, close together and of varied hues.

Diodorus Siculus

Bibliotheca historica V, XIII

The camp is the place where we usually sleep, sup and carry all the daily routine. Our camp includes three large furnished tents, a rich table with characteristic celtic ceramic replicas of our region, braziers and fires, exposition of arms and cuirasses, a large curtain under which spectators can attend the activities protected from the sun educational area where we carry our teaching activities on appearance and clothing of Celts, banquets, food and diet, and ancient medicine. Our camp is always active and open to visitors.
By former agreement with the event coordinators, we can organize banquets and feasts that might involve the public. Also, we can provide a pleasant stage space for shows of different kinds.
The association consists of about 20 people.